Project Description

Love, surrendered.

Possession is a selfish desire in the context of love, but to feel true, unguarded emotion, one must surrender completely, allowing, in a way, to be possessed. It is in that conflicting idea that I find a darker, but captivating, undercurrent to other feelings.

My creative vision for this spec adv was to create a brand of perfume that’s intense and exciting, with a punch of unreserved feminine power. The film embodies these principles with bold and modern visuals that are minimalist, but charged with emotional intent.

Directed by Rogério Silva

With Elina Alminas and Ruz Kuzmin

Voice Over by Aegina De Vas

“Barracuda” by Luke Atencio

Shot, Edited and Composited by Rogério Silva

3D Art by Claire Blustin

Hair and Makeup by Abi Rose Liddle