Selected works from 2015/2016 (hover or touch corner of the image for more info/video player).


I’m a commercials, music videos, and short films director. I describe my style as a personal take on magical realism, and often make use of cutting-edge visuals effects to reveal magical aspects of a somewhat mundane world, more specifically in the context of human interaction.

For more than a decade, I helped design award-winning videogames, including ENSLAVED (written by Alex Garland), and the BAFTA nominated DmC: Devil May Cry, for which I wrote and directed the expansion chapter Vergil's Downfall.

Nearly three years ago I quit my job, determined to express my own creative voice as a writer and director. I’ve been incredibly lucky to have my work featured on Vimeo Staff Picks, The Creators Project, among other publications, and online views of up to 7 million (Youtube, Vimeo and Facebook combined).

I’ve recently released a concept advert "Possession", and a Music Video to Ekat Bork’s “Happiness”, which continues to showcase my style and ambition as a storyteller.

I'm represented in France and Switzerland by Pixies Films.


Email: rogerio@theblackscreen.co.uk

Phone: +44 (0) 741 2626 151